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If you are looking to ‘bring-back-to-life’ your sidewalks; or patios or if you just don’t want to risk climbing ladders with buckets and mops to clean the outside of your windows, then give us a call, we have the professional staff to handle any job -big or small- with professional level service that uses the right equipment and cleaners. Sure you can hire a student or neighbourhood kid, but will they do it right and protect your landscaping, building and property? Not likely.

To get that refreshed and professional look, hire a professional team that has the know-how, experience and equipment to get the job done right! 

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Power Washing and Window Cleaning Services in Windsor

Most homeowners do not like cleaning windows -especially because of the streaks that are typically left behind; and honestly, window cleaning is often time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes even dangerous. You may have tried at-home window cleaning tricks like using vinegar, ammonia, or even newspaper, among the other standards. In Windsor, Canada, the weather seems to be constantly changing, and after time, windows are bound to get dirty enough that they require a thorough cleaning throughout the year. Our team of experts at Perfect Solutions has years of experience, providing professional service by the best window cleaners; we also believe that our customer’s time is valuable. Our technicians are ready to take care of this cleaning burden for you and you can rest assured that the quality of our service is first-rate- it’s backed by our satisfaction guarantee.  A simple call to our team solves your window cleaning needs.

Perfect Solutions Offers Window Cleaning for the Following:

  • High Rise & Low Rise Buildings
  • Residential Homes & Condos
  • Interior Office Partitions
  • Commercial, Retail, Recreational, Industrial areas

Why Choose Perfect Solutions For Window Washing?

Here are just a few of the numerous reasons that you should choose us:

  1. Skilled workers- Our team of experienced professional window cleaners will ensure that your windows are spotless; we are committed to providing consistent, dirt-free results.  
  2. Quality products- We choose superior quality cleaning products that are used by the cleaning professionals only. Clean does not necessarily mean that harsh tools need to be used. We remove dirt using soft-touch cleaning methods for fragile surfaces, traditional bleach where appropriate and employ power-washing techniques for deep cleaning.
  3. Seasonal cleaning- We offer seasonal window cleaning services in Windsor that will maintain a consistent fresh, clean and new-looking home.
  4. All Types of Property- The services we offer are not limited to specific properties; we have various options available for all types, styles and ages of property.
  5. Customer Service- Our team strives to provide the best customer service in Windsor.
  6. Year-Round Services- We offer multiple home and property cleaning services to maintain your home year-round.
  7. Affordable- Who said good quality services needs to be pricy? Our services are more affordable than one may imagine.  Call us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our value and prices.

When you contract with Perfect Solutions you can be confident that you are hiring a professional, experienced cleaning company.  Our window cleaning service is backed by 10+ years of experience as well as our Streak-Free guarantee. If you are a homeowner seeking a solution for dirty siding, sidewalks, or driveways, or if you are an office manager that needs answers for mud-caked vehicles, grimy awnings or storefront windows, contact Perfect Solutions Window Cleaning today. We have the experience and equipment to meet your window cleaning needs.

Call us at (519) 791-9345 anytime for a free estimate, and experience firsthand how competitive and affordable our prices are! Our commitment is to provide industry-leading standards in customer service, professionalism, and job quality.

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