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Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a solution for dirty siding, sidewalk or driveway, or an office manager needing an answer for mud-caked vehicles, as well as grimy awnings and store front windows, Perfect Solutions Power Washing Windsor has the experience and equipment to meet your power and soft washing needs. Call us anytime or complete our online form for a free estimate, and ask about our great price structure!

We offer a variety of options for delicate surfaces including our soft touch cleaning methods. Ask us for more information about your special surfaces.

We get tough on grime, tar, oil, mud, and other debris that can cause your property to lose it’s visual appeal or even operate in sub-optimal efficiency.

We care about your environment. We adhere to the highest level of environmental standards.

We come to you! We’ll accommodate all of your needs with our fully mobile operation. Call us to find out more about how we can service your building, property, or fleet!



Restoring the shine on a commercial building can be a tall order, literally. Our commercial power washing services are second to none in Windsor which allows us to service high profile clients like Hiram Walker.

For building exteriors, we have all the necessary equipment to wash awnings and building exteriors up to 5 storeys tall. We use a reverse osmosis system for windows resulting in pressurized, mineral-free water for fast, efficient cleaning and spot-free windows. Call us today to ask about our great price structure! You can bet you’ll get a great deal with Perfect Solutions Power Washing.



Whether you’re preparing your home for resale, doing renovations or hosting a special event, Perfect Solutions will help your home look its best! We provide a variety of options for exterior residential cleaning power washing Windsor.

We also power wash sidewalks, driveways, decks and gutters to erase the dirt and debris from changing weather. Our reverse osmosis window and awning washing system creates mineral free water to leave your windows spot-free in no time. Call us today to get your home exterior into tip-top shape!

mobile cleaning services


The crew at Perfect Solutions specialize in cleaning large equipment. We are proficient at commercial and industrial fleet power washing, keeping your machines free of tar, oil, mud and other debris that can cause a decrease in running efficiency and visual appeal.

With our mobile cleaning services, we bring the perfect solution to you. We can service any size fleet at an location across Windsor Essex. You can take pride in knowing that our mobile power washing services adhere to the highest level of environmental standards.


Spider Spray

Spending time outside shouldn’t bug you. Our yard spray is a great way to prevent bugs from ruining your time outside your home. Make the most out of good weather by taking full advantage of our safe yard bug repellent. 

We use only the most environmentally friendly chemicals and are sure to provide you with instructions relating to maintenance so you can get the most out of your yard bug spray service. 

Building Cleaning

Power Washing

If you are looking to ‘bring-back-to-life’ your sidewalks; or patios or if you just don’t want to risk climbing ladders with buckets and mops to clean the outside of your windows, then give us a call, we have the professional staff to handle any job -big or small- with professional level service that uses the right equipment and cleaners.
Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

With over a decade of experience, Perfect solutions chemical cleaning service in Windsor provides only the most efficient and advanced chemical compounds that will thoroughly help in the cleaning process.

We have the specific equipment, experienced, knowledgeable personnel, and the necessary permits to carry out this work. 

Building Cleaning

Building Cleaning

Pressure washing or building power cleaning services can go a long way in restoring the exterior beauty of your building. You may not even realize how much filth, grime, and debris have mounted around, but with Perfect Solution’s skilled team, your building will begin to look new in no time at all. We specialize in a soft brush building power cleaning, along with a broad range of exterior areas around your home, lessening the wear and tear of your property and providing a beautiful appearance.
concrete cleaning services

Graffiti Removal

High-Level Interior Cleaning for Big-Box stores


Cleaning at high levels typically requires expensive equipment, appropriate training, special insurance and interruptions to everyday operations. Say goodbye to scaffolding, downtime and safety risks with Perfect Solutions’ High-Level Interior Cleaning services! Our specialty wet and dry vacuums can reach up to 30 feet from ground level.

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