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High-Level Interior Cleaning

Cleaning at high levels typically requires expensive equipment, appropriate training, special insurance and interruptions to everyday operations. Say goodbye to scaffolding, downtime and safety risks with Perfect Solutions’ High-Level Interior Cleaning services!

Our specialty wet and dry vacuums can reach up to 30 feet from ground level. Through the use of wireless cameras and monitoring systems we can ensure that your facility will be left spotless without creating any health or safety risks or causing production downtime.

We can rid your facility of the dirt and dust particles that can accumulate over time and cause allergies, health issues and fire risks. Our thorough cleaning will also prevent falling debris from affecting your workspaces, production lines, and machinery.

Out of sight should not mean out of mind when it comes to cleaning.  Let us clean your roof lining, steel structures, light fittings, vents, machinery, conduits, AND MORE!

30 Feet

From ground level

The Safe Solution

Reduces risk of injury

Fast & Easy

Reduces Downtime

Cost Savings

Saves time, money & resources

Health Benefits

Reduces allergens & improves air quality

Health Inspections

Cleans commonly checked areas

Reduced Maintenance

Prevents falling debris from damaging machinery

Fire Safety

Reduces fire risks by removing dust buildup

Industrial Manufacturing

High-Level Cleaning of your Industrial Manufacturing facility can help to reduce illness and accidents in your everyday work environment by minimizing the buildup of dust, mold, pollutants, and other allergens and irritants that contribute to illness and injury in the workplace.

Our specialized equipment is compact and agile, optimizing cleaning time and ensuring that all hard-to-reach spots are covered. Our equipment is specialized for industrial cleaning which ensures that contaminates are being properly disposed.

Minimize downtime and maintenance costs while increasing efficiency by keeping your machinery and equipment dust and buildup free.

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Food Processing & Agriculture

Eliminate contamination risks and protect your business with High-Level Cleaning Services from Perfect Solutions. Our superior wet and dry vacuums provide impressive results from floor to ceiling leading to a higher standard for product quality.

Our interchangeable extenders and tools allow us to access the hardest-to-reach areas within minutes meeting all of your cleaning needs. Our wireless cameras and monitoring systems provide eagle-eye views from the ground level eliminating the need for bulky and dangerous scaffolding.  Reduce your downtime, keep your equipment operating smoothly, and your employees happy and healthy with Perfect Solutions!

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Retail & Big Box Stores

Unsightly dust and debris can quickly leave your customers feeling less than satisfied… but how can you clean those hard-to-reach places without interfering with your customers and employees? We have the Perfect Solution with our High-Level Cleaning Services.

Our talented team can reach up to 30 feet all without leaving the ground level!  Our high-performing wet and dry vacuums combined with our wireless cameras and monitoring systems will ensure that every nook and cranny of your store is left sparkling.

Our High-Level Cleaning Services provide the added benefit of improved air-quality and a reduction in allergens that can cause serious health issues.  Keep your customers and employees happy and healthy with Perfect Solutions.

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A brief walk-through of your facility will be
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to the needs of your work environment.