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Benefits of Pressure Washing Before Painting Your Home

Benefits of Pressure Washing Before Painting Your Home

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Do you plan to apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home due to the constant change in seasons? Has the paint on the walls started to look muddy and dull over the years? Whatever the reason or occasion may be, you should consider pressure washing before painting, as it is the primary step most people are unaware of. Pressure Washing is not just about flushing a little dirt off your siding; it is more about thorough, deep cleaning that you definitely cannot achieve with a garden hose. Pressure washing is a lot more necessary than you might think, and it’s not only about enhancing the looks even though appearance is a significant aspect. Perfect solutions Pressure Washing service can prevent damage to your house or business.  


Pressure washing has several benefits than most people presume it to be; below mentioned are a few: 


1. Increases Your Home’s Value 

Are you planning to sell your house and want to ensure you’ve done everything you can to maximize its value? Pressure washing is a simple answer. Imagine when a prospective buyer shows up and sees a dirty house or paint that looks faded due to years of built up dirt; they will assume your house is not in good condition and not worth much. A good and reliable pressure washing, along with necessary paint touch-ups, can boost the value of your house by up to 30 percent. How much extra money does that put in your pocket?  These simple updates are crucial when reselling. 


2. Complete Dirt Removal 

You will notice houses where some areas have paint falling off because they did not altogether remove the dirt, thinking that the color would cover up. Nevertheless, you can count on our skilled professionals to eliminate grime on surfaces you plan to paint, given their skills and experience. However, most homeowners opt to power wash their homes and use the wrong cleaning attachments in some situations, which does not ensure completely remove the dirt. But when you choose professionals to do this job, they use proper pressure washing attachments and techniques that confirm they’ve covered every nook and corner of your house.   


3. Sufficient Drying Time 

Once you finish pressure washing your home, you must let it dry completely. Another reason you should look into hiring a professional is the drying time they consider; this is something that only professionals understand. Many homeowners neglect this process and apply paint on surfaces that appear to be dry but are not completely dry, resulting in paint failure. The most reliable way to tackle this issue is to let a professional handle this task for you, as they are well aware of the right amount of time to allocate to any given surface to properly and completely dry. Moreover, the way you pressure wash determines the amount of time required for a surface to completely dry. 



4. Cleanliness Ensures Safety  

Hygiene plays a vital role in sustaining good health. Still, most homeowners do not realize that the cleanliness of exterior surfaces around their homes can directly influence the health/safety of their loved ones and pets living in them. Dust and grime build-up is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and vermin, notorious for carrying diseases. In addition, if the damage spreads further, it can leave the interior of your building vulnerable to spores that can cause serious illnesses. Pressure washing creates an environment that is less hospitable to rodents, pests, and insects, therefore dismissing the threat of disease-causing bacteria and protecting the safety of everyone.   


Pressure washing is always an ideal task to do when painting your home. Get in touch with Perfect Solutions for quality cleaning within an affordable price range today. 

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  1. Pressure washing is something that only some are aware of, but it does indeed represent an idea that everyone should follow before painting a house takes place. It is undoubtedly crucial.

  2. Buena Park Pressure Washing Experts

    Great! your blog is effective. This cleaning idea is importance to know owners. I agree Commercial Pressure Washing is not just a simple cleaning process. A lot of factors matter when it comes to commercial pressure washing. Thanks for sharing.

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